Great Race Training Tips | 2022 Great Race - Pittsburgh

Great Race Training

Plans and Training Tips from Fleet Feet Pittsburgh

Looking to train for the Great Race 10K or 5K? Fleet Feet Pittsburgh has you covered regardless of your starting point! Follow along each week on social media as we share advice, training tips, videos and workouts.


Meet the Coach — Timothy Lyman
Coach's Corner — Getting Plugged In
Training Tips — Training to Train
Workout of the Week

Week 1 — July 9

Coach's Corner — Lace Up, Gear Up & Buddy Up
Training Tips — Warming Up & Cooling Down
Workout of the Week

Week 2 — July 16

Coach's Corner — Consistency is Key
Training Tips — Hydration
Workout of the Week

Week 3 — July 23

Coach's Corner — Visions, Goals & Habits
Training Tips — Nutrition
Workout of the Week

Week 4 — July 30

Coach's Corner — It's Scary... I Know...
Training Tips — Heart Rate Zone Training
Workout of the Week

Week 5 — August 6

Coach's Corner — Mindset Matters
Training Tips — Mobility & Flexibility
Workout of the Week

Week 6 — August 13

Coach's Corner — Vacations, They Happen...
Training Tips — Cross-training & Strength-training
Workout of the Week

Week 7 — August 20

Coach's Corner — Making "The Switch"
Training Tips — Running Efficiency & Economy
Workout of the Week

Week 8 — August 27

Coach's Corner — What If I Get Sick?
Training Tips — Elevation Training
Workout of the Week

Week 9 — September 3

Coach's Corner — Active & Passive Recovery
Training Tips — Injury Prevention
Workout of the Week

Week 10 — September 10

Coach's Corner — A Few Reminders
Training Tips — Addressing Common Issues
Workout of the Week

Week 11 — September 17

Coach's Corner — Peaking in Training
Training Tips — Cleaning the Engine
Workout of the Week

Week 12 — September 24

Coach's Corner — Race Day Game Plan
Training Tips — Preparing for the Race
Workout of the Week

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